January 19, 2017


I am Walter Peterson,owner of Digilog Designs and I started doing custom Serato vinyl records in May 2015 by pure accident. I was painting a picture with my daughter and we decided to try our hands on some vinyl. The result was a hit and people requested me to make more .

I learned quickly that Djs want to be different from the next dj…. Their style, mixes,cloths, shoes, so why not their vinyl records.

So I kept making new designs and sending them across the world. The previous custom records were so pricey that no one wanted to use them. Why not try and make art more affordable for the regular DJ? Functional art is the only way I could describe the custom records I have made and using them is whats most important to me.

In 18 months I have made hundreds of pairs of records for DJs across the world. Working very closely with all of the djs has helped me make the lightest, thinnest and fastest custom vinyl on the planet. Now I am branching out and expanding my designs and doing more custom dj logos.

The need for top notch design work led to bringing on Christopher Lisle of CL photo christopherlisle.com  & Scotty of Catalyst Design. They have been instrumental in taking my designs from idea to reality.

With our forces combined we will be offering a range of services from custom DJ vinyl, DJ branding and logo design to screen printing and embroidery. This combined with a full range of large format printing, stickers, banners and small batch heat press T-shirts has made Digilog Designs one to watch.

Can’t think of an idea for a project, we have gift cards as well…